I wanna be me

I wanna be an achiever
I wanna be the best
I wanna stop hiding
I want to be shining
Just wanna be me

Millions of my dreams coming to me
I am not running from them
Yeah I am achieving them
But am I going too slow ?
Just wanna be me

Meeting tons of people everyday
But nobody seems to touch my heart a day
I wonder if I changed my looks
If I change my name
Would they still love me the same?
But now I wont take pain for them
I will handle myself
Just wanna discover myself
Just wanna be me

Life is throwing milestones at me
Making me stuck in the world of hell
Not enough love left in me
Bot enough hate I can give
But still I am making my way out from the world of hell
Just wanna escape the minute everything ends
I ain’t a diva, I ain’t a dame
I am just a teenagr
And I just wanna be me

I enjoy writing
I enjoy playing with my hair
Life isn’t miserable
It’s just so desirable
I wanna stop hiding
I want to be shining
Cause I am proud of what I am
Just wanna be me

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