I wanna be

I wanna be
A swaying gentle tree
To flow with the weather
To watch the seasons as I stand free
To grow leaves and watch them turn dark orangish in the autumn as they fall
As you try to catch them in whimsical awe
To give life and fresh air
As birds perch their homes in my hair
To hear the little busy ants and bugs
Travel up and down
And yes I'll laugh when slugs weave
Leaving their slimy trials around
My limbs and twigs
As spiders crawl and little snakes will hiss
So stand in my shade
Through the sun and rain
I'll be here as art in the mist
You can go out in the sunshine
I'll always be here waiting for you now and then
Cherishing every moment
And I hope you stop by and say hi
When you walk by me again and again

~David V Pettus

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