I want

I do not want to drag a backpack
every day of my life.
A heavy backpack,
full of frustrations, fears, rancor, sadness ...

I do not want to become
the worst version of myself.
I do not want to ignore me
when I look in the mirror,
I do not want to avoid
my reflection.

I do not want to be
my worst enemy,
I do not want to trip myself.
I do not want to keep
denying with open eyes.
I do not want to close
them to not have to see.

I do not want the words
confusion, fear and
disappointment in my vocabulary.
I do not want to look
for them every day.
I do not want to say
I do not want to leave
everything to the destiny.

I do not want to
ignore full happiness,
I do not want to fear the unknown.
I want to be able to understand
all that slows me down,
understand it and leave it behind.
Get rid of that backpack that
I know is not part of me, it never was.

I want to be able to
recognize my strengths without having to
recount my weaknesses.
I want to face my reflection
with a smile, sincere and deserved.
I want to open my eyes and
see all the opportunities ahead.

All that is so obvious but
so hard to see.
I want to feel more and think less.
Risking more and questioning less.
Stop looking for consistency in
everything I feel and do.

Today I know that
thinking and rethinking things only
brings doubts and repentance.
The real feelings are the
spontaneous ones,
those that do not go through that
filter of reasoning but so limiting.

I want to do more and
plan less.
I want to believe that
destiny is just a word to describe that
road we are building day by day.

nobody else.
We choose,
we make decisions,
we are the ones that
mark that destiny.

I want to stop asking myself
what happiness is,
I just want to feel it.
with all the good and all the bad that it entails.
But feel, just feel, never stop feeling ...

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