I Want a Man

They say, "Love don't love nobody"
People don't show love either
We're shooting, cutting, stealing, killing
Hurting our own people

What happened to Martin Luther King
Fighting for rights like in the ring?
What happened to Muhammad Ali
And all the good there used to be?
I guess that was old times
Because these days people love crime

Pants down, showing your ass
Saying you're blowing money fast
Calling females "bitches" and "hoes"
Asking them to take off their clothes

What happened to seeing past the looks
And loving a girl that can clean and cook?
Why must your standards be so low?
You want nice shoes, you want that dough

Ladies, you shouldn't have to settle for this
Overgrown boys that won't commit
From this day forward take a stand
I don't want a boy, I want a man

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