I Want It Today

In between the lies of some, mistaken by the thoughts of dumb,
walking away from the evil, to good I shall run.
Teach me how to love execution (young)!
Love is my only source; hate shall leave my course.
I truly know that I have you to sing to me when all is through.
Wrap your arms around me when skies aren't blue. Tell me what I am to do;
assure me for the right things I say, forgive me for the wrong that I've done.
For the truth of my heart, you kill me with the liar's gun.
Raise me up to the fullest, dumping all the single bullets.
I win the case and substitute the race;
in a battle, I pick up my pace.
Study my wrong by night and soon by day.
Don't be frightened, my love is just a ray
beaming down on the eyes of many-
willing to help myself and all who are sinning.
Heals my painful thoughts and the hurt I'm feeling.
my courage gone to the roof, and maybe the ceiling.
Helping hands give me up, many steps slow me down.
Shackles are a part of everyone's life.tell me to sit my dreams down,
but I shall stand, because why be bound?
As I make no sound, my heart cries aloud.
A pat on the back, a failure, lack,
money on stacks, but I hung my pride on a rack.
Now I'm stuck between a hole and a single, little crack.
Give me back my pride, and take the selfish kind away.
I want everything I earned fair, square, and holy.
and I want it not tomorrow, but today!

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