I Want the World

I want to dance along the Cliffs of Moher,
Teetering on the edge of land and sea.
Singing Irish ballads, with every voice caught in the breeze.
I want to lay in a field of flowers for hours.
Laughing, talking, staring
At the sun and clouds, melting away like ice cream.
I want to drink Italian wine beside the Trevi Fountain,
Feeling the water spray against my silky, white dress,
Talking of love and dreams and childhood fantasies.
I want to sit beside a stranger and listen to his stories.
Hear his passions, live through his sorrows.
Take in the emotion behind his tales and turn to share my own.
I want to watch the sky fall on the highest peak.
See the sun set between my eyelashes.
Lean on my lover's shoulder while the stars blanket the Earth.
I want to see every part of this world.
The forgotten villages, the legendary towers.
I want to float in its vastness, knowing
I am nothing within its everything.
I want the Earth. I want the world.
And after all is done and all is seen,
I want to lie down in Ireland's beautiful, quiet meadows,
And join the land and sea, my life caught in the breeze.

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