I Want to Appreciate You

The curve of your neck peaks through your hair.
I want to gently touch it,
caressing the skin I feel I have waited ages to see again.

The curl of your hair on your forehead
begs to be brushed,
to slide from fingers almost as soft as it.

The slant of your eyes have always matched mine.
But your hue has gone deep blue.
The shape of your nose has always been unique,

in ways I cannot pinpoint, so I drew you,
I got lost in dreams beyond surreal.
Your fingertips brush my hand.

I have never shaken so violently subtle before.
The fingertips I remember from childhood
found their way back to mine just to act as a reminder

I am leaving before nostalgia can fully kick in.
Your voice.
I have never heard a melody so sweet.

The tone will echo as I leave.
I want to appreciate you, but now you're a memory.

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