I Want to be Remembered

I want to be remembered for the good;
For all the reasons that somebody should.
Remember me for more than just my face,
Or as the girl who wore dresses of lace.
If you don’t think there’s more than that to see,
Here’s how I want you to remember me.
My passion, love, and sensitivity;
My humor and my creativity.
My love for making memories with friends,
Quoting John Green and Swift for days on end.
I dance as if nobody watches me.
An English teacher’s what I want to be.
I like to sing like I’m one of the birds,
I have been told I have a way with words.
Remember me for victories and hugs;
The little girl who loved her “lightnin’ bugs.”
Day dreamer, imagination wild,
The one whose dimples showed when she smiled.
When embarrassed, I feel a sort of rush
Go to my cheeks, for I do tend to blush.
Sister to the best big brother around,
Daughter whose parents made her safe and sound.
The girl who wants to travel and to roam
But finds herself back in her small town home.
You could find my face streaming down with tears,
For I did not know how to handle fear
Until confident, I started being,
I believed in something without seeing.
Remember me for how I made you feel.
If I filled you with happiness, so real.
The sunshine on your cloudiest of days,
The stars not even brighter than my rays.
If I was ever mean to you somehow,
Remember all these words I’m saying now.
I’m sorry I hurt you, I hope you know,
I apologize for all the sorrow.
I’ve learned my lessons; I have learned to pause;
To stop and think of what those words could cause.
I hope you don’t remember me for scorn,
Or if it was me that left your heart torn.
If you remember me for reasons true,
I promise that I’ll remember you, too.
With these statements that I’ve given, I pray
Perhaps you will remember me some day.
Remember me for how somebody should.
Remember me for saying, “life is good.”

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