I Want to Be

I want to be the black, successful man my father couldn't be
Experiencing new things in life and accomplishing all my dreams
Being honored by God's grace to see what heaven sings
Instead of walking with the devil dealing drugs in the streets
Dirty money leaves dead bodies lying bloody in a sheet
It's like you're trying to move on, but your heart is just too weak
I sat back as a child, with my own mind to think
Trying to reminisce if my father saw my first blink
But only this man himself knows what he did wrong
I believe this man wasn't ready to take care of his own
As I walk this bare earth, touching Mother Nature's leaves
Taking a loss on many downfalls, but still living to succeed
My Father guarded me well, with my Guardian angel it seems
So why must I care for a man who was in need of a relief?
I take it as this one game called "Being Lost but Now I'm Found"
I'm standing strong, proud, and tall with my feet rooted to the ground

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