I Want to Live

If you've ever found yourself near death's door
The instinct to survive is what you're fighting for
At that sobering moment of icy cold reality
Everything in life seems, a senseless formality
The shock of knowing, this could be your last breath
Heightens awareness that this could mean death
Your heart at full speed while gasping for air
Crying for help but there is no one there
Beads of cold sweat form on your brow
Convincing yourself, I can't die now
Lost in a panic giving into prayer
Can't share farewells, no time to spare
So desperate and scared you hold on tight
Your knees getting weak a fading of light
Facing death alone, a journey we must make
Begging God for help, holding onto faith
How fragile we are as we face our fears
So humbling and naked, flashing back the years
Then a miracle happens, we are back in our skin
We vow to our God
Never to sin

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