i want to save you

What if I told you, I never doubt your love but instead I doubt myself,
the love which you gave me was too much for cause I don't deserve this kind of love.
For someone who has turned so cold hearted stone,
for someone who is afraid of losing herself again and some one who is bound to hurt again,
for the demons that she hides.
someone who have constant fears of being left again.
What if I told you I want to save you from the river of pain and the ocean full of hurdles.
What if I told you I don't want you to bleed for me
What if I told you the name of ocean which I had crossed, almost drowned myself
Which was dark and suffocating, as though every drop of my blood being drained out of me leaving me cold as ice, until I was just thin sheet of ice lying by the banks of it shore.
What if I don't want you to go through the same pain the way I went.
Cause its too much for the delicate soul of yours.
What if I told you, I wouldn't want someone to love me so much that they drown themselves, cuz its a place where no one can be save.
In the end I just want to save you...

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