I Want To Understand

I feel like a bug
Crawling, writhing, wiggling.
My life is a boot
Hovering over me
Ready to crush me.

I’m locked in a box
Tight, I am slowly losing air
I open my mouth to scream
Just to find it has been sewn shut

I am underwater
The pressure threatening my brain
The water threatening my lungs
I am underwater
And I can’t breathe.

Where am I supposed to go?
The world isn’t safe.
Nowhere is safe.

I am white and I am young
And I do not understand
Life around me in violent
But I don’t know a side to take

My family thinks different things
Is it disgraceful?
Is it helpful?
Is it necessary?

What am I supposed to think?
When I ask
They say
Don’t worry about it

Your favorite quote.
Just let me know.
I want to understand.

Life is a hovering boot
Life is a box
Life is water
Threatening to crush, suffocate, or drown me

I want to understand.

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