I Wanted To Tell You

By Vickie   

Right after you kissed me goodbye
And right before you started walking away
Right after we got off that roller-coaster ride
And right before we left for the next one
Right after we caught our breath
And right before we laughed again
Right after our staring contest
And right before we blinked our stinging eyes
Right after seeing you after 2 months
And right before dropping you off again
Right after you wiped my tears with your hands
And right before I let go of those hands
Right after realizing it for the first time
And right before hesitating to say it
Right then. I wanted to tell you.
Right now. I want to tell you.
And forever. I want to tell you.
But I missed those chances
Reduced to stealing quick glances
Or just downright staring when we're together dancing
Face to face, heart to heart
I wish those three words would just roll out
I'm almost ashamed of the fact
I can't believe I haven't said it yet
Please just wait a bit more
I want to be with you till the end

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