By Diana L   

The life that I chose and I am living with,
Faith in God is
just an Expression.
Through the years, it was no longer
uttered by my mouth,
forgotten by my heart
it is not
stuck in my mind
Uncertain as I was, His words I have
I was
Misjudged, persecuted, troubled, Abandoned, and
betrayed; Physically exhausted, emotionally broken, spiritually challenged
I was lost
Yes, I am a sinner.

Through his blood I am redeemed,
By grace I am saved
With his love I have peace
With Faith I have hope
With hope I have life
My life may be full of misery, but this misery He leads it to be His ministry
I may be disadvantaged, but He turns it to my advantage
My weakness & failures, becomes my strength
My disabilities, He turns it to be my ability
I am triumphant over my “I was”
Because of whom I am to Him
I am fearfully, wonderfully made,
And Sculptured by God,
His masterpiece
I am His Child
I am his Warrior
I am his Messenger
I am renewed
I am freed

Then as I recall,
The burden that I had, may be the same
Of what you are having,
It may be more OR it may be less
It may consist of different scenarios
They may have different structures or variations
Disappointments then heartaches
You may have encountered a lot of Struggles and Failures.

Our only solution
Faith in God;
our Purpose
To Glorify Him
Then why should I be afraid
If God lives in me

(Read Backwards)

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