I Was Afraid

I was afraid to love you.

I was afraid to let you get close

But, I let you in anyways.

Because I had hope that this wouldn't be

Like the last time.

I was afraid that once you knew me,

The real me,

You'd leave and find someone new,

Happy and whole to

Learn to love, and never think about me again.

You were the second.

No, the first.

To hold my hand through the fire

And,tell me

"It only burns if you continue to

Stand on the coals and

Let it burn you".

You were my hero

But, then something changed

You stopped holding my hand

And, you stopped acknowledging me

For me.

You left me on the burning coal.

No, you pushed ne back

And, watched me fall.

You stepped on me

And you wouldn’t let me up.

You took what was left of me

And, threw it away like it was dust.

You tore apart everything I had left.

And I was afraid to love you.

But, I let you in.

And that was the worst mistake

Because, now no matter how hard I try

I can never learn to love again.

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