I Was An Individual…

I was an individual for a while
And once ago, I believed I owned my mind
I believed most decisions were mine
There were no chains surrounding my liberty
No walls barricading my freedom
Until the color of my skin caught up with time

Suddenly, outside expectations wrapped around my neck
And society strung me up high, double tied
I know my people have me on wires
Connected to my wrists, my knees, my arms, my feet
Constantly tugging and yanking me towards every direction
Whenever they think I have the wrong perception

They say a black man has a face, a name, and a walk of which I don’t have
So, they shamelessly pluck out my flaws and expose my scars
Instead of empathizing, they’re raising me higher
The air getting thinner and the rope feeling tighter

Now I’m farther away from who I was
All because they didn’t agree with me being me
And they didn't relate to my personality
I’ve been pulled away from individuality to a place where unity is far from reality
And I have no idea where that is...

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