I was born to,raised to ,choose to

Who am I
I was born to be given away then taken to be judged and uses
I was born to be silenced and forced to watch them crumble
They’ve fallen and choose to drown in there mistakes
I fall and choose to use my mistakes as stairs to continue going
They fall like london bridge
I was given to their safety net to be raised and loved
And like paper I was used
I was born to fail ,crash and burn
I was raised to strive to appreciate those who do care
Like I appreciate the hugs I got when I was sad that made me believe I can be more
More than I was birth to be
Who am I
I am a person who doesn’t like time and how its running away never staying still
Someone who loves those who choose to stand by me
Someone who hates where they live but loves who they live with
Someone who doesn’t always know there next step but steps anyway
Someone who uses their fortune as a way to fight for others
Someone who was born to fail , crash and burn
But raised to strive for greatness
I'm not them
I'm not her or him
Im me
An Identity not inherited
But one created

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