I was in love

I want a man who loves me truly
Who sticks with me through everything
The one who calls me so amazing
And who's afraid of losing me
I'm not the villain of your story
And not a child whose heart you broke
I am done with always feeling sorry
My eyes are open, I awoke.
That is my fault but setting free
Was not an act that I expected
I thought we could just disagree
And nothing changes the fact that we're connected
I loved you more than anything
Could not expect to be rejected
I wish I'd give you everything
But I don't want to be neglected

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Tags : Love, relationship, heartbreak, breakup, soulmate

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This Poems Story

An argument with my ex inspired me to write this. It\'s my first poem in English so please rate it and the grammar. I don\'t know what\'s going to happen with these relationship but I\'m hoping for the best. I thought I found my true love and was going to spend the rest of my life with that one person...