I was taught

I was taught to speak how I feel
But remember to keep it real.
I was taught to respect myself
cause no one will love you like yourself
I was taught to be A believer and only count on jesus
I was taught I will have hardtimes
and this world is full of lies
I was taught to be strong and whats right from wrong
I was taught life is a fight and to never let out your light
I was taught I will have to pay for all sin .
I was taught everyone is not my friends
I was taught told love comes in all colors
So I should not judge others
What I was taught made me wise
I cherish every moment as a prize
Cause one day we all have to die
I was taught to be the best even if it cause stress
There will be let downs but I was taught to hold my grounds
Thats why I must Work hard and to trust in God
I was taught that love could be lust and to be careful who I trust
This knowledge was taught so I must spread the a word everywhere

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