I Wasn’t Good Enough

“ I Wasn’t Good Enough”

I wasn’t good enough, I was just insecurities wrapped in a blanket of protection.
I was begging you to stay, but I never said it with my mouth, instead, I pushed you away while my heart cried for you to just love me.
I wasn’t perfect, you see, my body itself was inflicted by a man who once said he loved me, but took no chance to break me.
I have scars, hidden beneath my skin, for life had once wounded me, leaving me as a victim to a world cruel enough to show love to none.
I wasn’t good enough, I was so focused on creating the perfect future for us, I ignored the thorns from my past poking at me time after time while I watch myself bleed…
I ignored the relapse, the ones that pulled me back into my depression, making me hate myself all over again, putting the knife to my wrist hoping to bleed out with no end, hoping I won't wake up to a world I show nothing but love to , but it’ll never love me back.
I was scared to show love, and maybe it cost me you, but you have to understand I had given my heart once before to a man who couldn't even give his effort.
You have to understand that I’m different, so you have to love me a little differently. I’m broken and no I’m not asking you to fix me, I’m just asking you to love me while I fix myself.
I wasn’t good enough, I may not have been then, but I am now, maybe not even now, but in the future, I will be.
I can’t expect you to wait for me, and when you find that one who is good enough, I wish the best for you; and even though she may parade around with the best hair, the best body, and maybe even the best mind...don’t ever forget, I WAS the best for you, because I was the best TO you…

“I Wasn’t Good Enough”

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