I Watched Her Walk Away

In those times when our love felt sublime
We were both floating on air;
All our days shone so bright they amazed, she
Melted my cares.

Her smile covered all the
Doubts that grew deep down in my trembling heart.
I knew I loved her, I took care of her;
Something was falling apart.

What's wrong I can't hear the song
We've sung since we first became me and you?
What have I done you're not the same one that
I once thought I clearly knew.

Words turn to frowns smiling upside down.
I'm numb: pain freezes the warmth of the sun
The day has become a dark night.

Ice cold took our love and holds me
Frozen in time she'll no longer stay.
She took the warmth, "I am leaving," she told me
Then I watched her walk away.

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