I will

The storm is starting to clear,
and I can see the light again.
I can finally see,
that maybe this wont be the end.

I'm pulling myself together,
trying to work through this.
I don't believe anymore,
that ignorance is bliss.

Ignorance is for the weak,
who just can't handle the pain.
too scared of what they'll lose,
afraid of what they'll gain.

I'm growing stronger,
and trying to hold tight.
I can see the day,
and I'm not afraid of the night.

I will rise far above,
where I used to see myself.
I put myself together,
for nobody else.

I will laugh,
and I will smile,
even if it takes,
more than awhile.

I will dance,
and I will run.
I wont be defeated,
I'm no longer broken.

The storm is starting to clear.
I never thought it would break.
But I know now,
what is at stake,
what it will take.

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