I Will Dream of You

The rain falls and lightning strikes
The winds are heavy in the dead of the night
Realizing that life goes fast
And we're not the same as we were in the past
Pictures and memories keep chasing my thoughts
I still remember when your ring was bought
It sparkled as bright as your big brown eyes
I wish what was true was just a lie
I can't keep living the way that I do
It's just so hard to live without you
It was a battle that unfortunately you lost
And now I'm still here paying the cost
I miss you every hour of every day
Every morning I get up and I pray
"Mama, if you can hear me, I love you so much
I can't wait till the day when I can feel your touch"
So for now I'll wait, I will sit and I will stare
Tearing up, thinking of the memories we shared
The holidays are hard, I miss your voice
I now see black and white, but I don't have a choice
I won't forget saying our good byes
Picking out your outfit made us cry
You were ready, and tired for sure
Your wings were spread, that was your cure
From now on for the rest of this journey
I will picture us together as if you were with me
Though the world may never be as bright
I will dream of you, each and every night

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