I will fly

Give up, they say
Stop trying because you’ll never reach that far,
How will you fly, if you can’t even walk?,
How will you dream, if you can’t even see?,
Your are way below in the ground,
But your dreams soar up in the cloud,
Why aren’t you like your own kind?
Why aren’t you intelligent and smart?
Why don’t you just give up?
If you can’t strive with your kind, Why don’t you just give up?
You’re gonna lose your way there anyway,
People will throw rocks and stones every day,
So why don’t you just give up?,
You wanna know why,
Because even if I have small wings, at least I don’t have your small, tiny mind
And even if I can’t fly fast,
I will still soar high
And yes I might fall down,
But only to climb up again
And I will fly, mark my words, I will,
Yes there will be sticks and stones along the way,
But I will embrace them ecause you might be forgetting
That you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain,
And I will fly high
When life throws it’s moments, I will find my greatest strength,
And I will fly high
I will hear the sweet chirp of the birds And the robin’s sweet song
I will bounce on the cotton clouds
And I’ll reach there
With nothing but my Dream to run on
And I will fly,
And that’s why just don’t give up

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