I Will Never Forget

I will never forget you turning and running and jumping
into my arms.
It is a precious image, a memory I wish to forever hold.
As is your smile and your shining eyes and how you felt
on a beautiful night so cold.
Felt so warm to feel sad when you said it was your last night.
To want to feel more, to kiss you, so happy to hold you tight.
A time and place- a wonder an adventure of hopeful chance.
To close my eyes and know there is a song out there
to which I wish we danced.
The curse of an open heart to sit down and say hi
And laugh playfully and wonder how it will feel
to watch you say goodbye.
But marvel at the moments in which we wander daring
To present a moment fleeting that leaves me timeless staring
At nothing. as I remember a playful toss of your pretty hair
To reflect on how it feels to know you are out there somewhere
Waking in the morning and climbing into bed cozy every night
Bathing in warm water, walking in the light.
So pretty and delicate, such a force of feminine distraction
And that I got to sit beside it if only for a fraction
of the moments I still dream of in my sleep and in my heart
The kind that conspire to inspire words to which poems start...

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