I Will Never Forget

Thanks to you, who not only motivates, but inspires
Who's rage within sleeps with no fear of starting fires
From the red lava that runs through your veins and bleeds from your heart
That opens your eyes wider as though witnessing the great part
The seas of emotions which you keep within
Always ready to boil and burn those around who have fallen in
Because once you fall, your fears escape you
Only realizing that diving in causes the splash which creates the dew
That lays gently on the green grass of the meadow within your soul
Which unlocks the childish desires of rebelling against the control
Of forced views which lead us to doubt the truth in our gut
Where truth is kept captive, no who, why, or what
But questions I ask don't come from words
But an understanding of how to lead love's messy herds
Thanks to you, I've learned and discovered a deep love and respect
My hat I take off to you,
Because you, I will never forget

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