I Will No Longer Be Black & Blue

This hate is terminal.
I must deplete the repeat
of your voice that keeps me ill.
Seeking approval has become so brutal.
My mind is rattled as to why I battled.
Your eyes are aggressive.
Your hands shake with controllive.
These scars I've accumulated,
reveal you're abusive.
Never again will I ever be labeled
with the stamp of your stitches and staples.
My love bleed for you quite a few times.
To you, I was just a bitch out of line.
Your impact will not be my headstone.
I must stay intact,
remove your venom from my bones.
Your poison will no longer suffocate me.
This damage, I will begin refurbishing.
I see now, as my rattled mind unravels,
that I must be alone to deal with this;
because there isn't a soft spot to your gravel.
I'm so fucking tired of my feelings being split.
Yes call me unemotional,
but don't ever say that I'm unreasonable.

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