I Will Not Bow

I will not fall, I will not bow,
I will never let go of what I have now.
I must pursue my heavenly cause,
despite my fear of the world's gaping jaws.

I will always let my spirit soar,
though physically weighted by daily war.
The world and the devil may laugh me to scorn,
but I have a mission, that's why I was born.

The world has taught all men to give in,
and if we believe it then we'll never win.
I know in my heart, if I will stay true,
I'll vanquish my foe, and I'll be made new.

I'll fight till the end, without question or pause,
I'll never give in, despite all my flaws.
I know who I am, I know why I'm here,
and nothing can stop me, not even my fear.

My breath is heavy, my knee is bent,
the clothes I wear are tattered and rent.
Though the adversary will thrust me down,
I will not bow to the Devil's crown.

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