I Will Stand Up

Growing up, growing up day by day
Growing up, growing up still cannot stand to see your face
Growing up a little at a time,
The regrets are all left behind
But I still cannot get these words out of my head,
All the memories, all the things that you had said
And to think I might have been dead from words of anger
That you left in my head
But I know better you see, I know you can never be me
For deep down is where the beauty lies
Deep down I know that you are broken inside, because you
Pick on the weak instead of picking yourself up
Instead of you growing up, you stay where you are
I won't be defeated just because I have scars, no I will stand up
I will stand up for I grow each day
I will stand up for I'm not afraid
I will stand up for the meek for the poor for the weary and the worn;
For I know what it's like, to be in their shoes to grow
From the ground up, and to learn you need help, when there is no more
You may have brought me down, but I know better, and better is me

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