I Win

When I was little
The times I'd get hurt
Either riding my bike
Or out playing in the dirt
Stub my toe
Get stung by a hornet
Ouch mom
Why ya have to put so much peroxide on it?
As I grew up
And started to mature
I realized there are things in life
That hurt so much more
Sticks and stones can break your bones
At least those bones will heal
Sticks and stones won't have you feeling so alone
Or make your head spin like an unforviging wheel
Don't get the wrong impression
I'm not complaining
It just has me prepared
For the next time it starts raining
So keep the pain coming
Laugh a little harder
You'll never see me running
You're only adding pieces to my armor
I'll let this pain boil
And settle inside me like clay
And I'll always be ready
For whatever life throws my way

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