I Wish

It's crazy how much we've got to know each other in such little time
It's crazy how much we get along when next to one another,
It's crazy how you make me feel physically, emotionally, mentally

I count you as a bledding in my life,
but I wish that you could fall in love,
Not for me, but for yourself because
then you could understand how I feel,
then you could understand why I fear.

Having you by my side has made me a stronger person,
but at the same time you are my weakness.
When we are together its an unending love unending bond
that developed because you were looking for something &
found it in me and I was searching for something and found it in you
I can't say that this will last forever,
but I can say that I will hold on to it
for as long as I can because when I'm not around you I loose myself
in my thoughts and when I'm with you the fog that I have clears up
Finally I can see the light on the other side.

I wish that you could fall in love
so that you can understand how I feel when I look at you and smile
because even though deep down in my heart this isn't forever,
your smile takes me away from the hurt and pain
that I've been trying so hard to put away.

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