I Wish

Sometimes I wish I was a bird or a plane
Because birds have wings and planes have engines
And I could fly if I was one of them
But then I remember I am afraid of heights
And I can not fly if that means I must look down
So instead I wish that I was a dolphin or a fish
But the ocean scares me and so I can only swim
In ponds and lakes
And then I wish that I was a shark
Because sharks are the top of the food chain
Except that’s not quite true
Because even sharks are hoisted up by their tails
And maybe I should be happy as a human,
Without wings or gills
But I can only run so fast and see so far,
And I can not outwit my fear
I wish I was a ladybug
Pretty and simple, perhaps misunderstood
But I would be squished once someone big comes across me
So I wish I was a wizard
But magic is only science no one yet understands
And I wish I could be so much more,
But it would be useless
Because I am not a bird or a plane
I am not a dolphin or a fish or a shark yet slain
I am not a ladybug and I am not a wizard
I am simply a girl wishing I was more than this world offered.

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