I wish

I wish I had the perfect life and the perfect family. But I don’t.
I wish I had happiness in a mother and father. But I don’t.
I wish I had the family pictures to show my friends. This I will never have.
I wish I had a father that was proud of me. This I still dream for.
I wish I had a mother strong enough to raise me without an abusive boyfriend, yet some wishes are to late…
I wish that my mother’s boyfriend didn’t get mad at me because I gave him a “funny” look and he slammed me against a wall, I wish my father knew this.
I wish my father was there to protect me.
I wish my mother knew this to tell him.
I wish my father would talk to me.
I wish he cared that September 12th was my birthday and he said hello.
I wish that I didn’t feel that my step mother knew me better than him.
I wish that my brothers knew how much I love them and miss them every day of my life.
I wish I didn’t make the mistakes that I have.
I wish that I was strong enough to tell them all of this.
I wish.
I wish.

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