I Wish for Bruises

I wish that every criticism left a scar,
And that every time you belittled me,
Blood would gush from my pores.
I wish that every time you lashed out
And turned every argument into being my fault,
Strangle marks appeared across my neck.
I wish that every condescending tone
Left a bright, red slap across my face.
And that every hateful word stabbed into my body.
I wish that every lie you told me,
Seared into my skin like a cigarette burn.
And that every tear lashed across my back.
I wish that every time you trapped my mind,
Further into your control that I would be
Thrown into the nearest wall.
I wish that maybe physical pain would stop the thoughts,
That defend you, "He made me feel worthless,
But he tells me that he loves me and I deserve it.
I wish that every psychological chain,
You have placed around me,
Would restrict my body from moving.
I wish that if I were to look in the mirror,
And see myself physically assaulted,
That I would leave.

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