I wish I can say

Depression is scattered in the stagnant air
A shadow is gradually covering us

The sound of our silence forces me to talk
But when I take a peek at the depth of your eyes, words are lost

I wonder if there is any hope in this path?
The path is so dark that even my laugh can’t brighten it up

I wish I can say that I’m used to goodbyes
But I always cry everytime I wave my hand

Our sadness darkens as the night comes
If I’d known this would happen, I wish I never meet you

I keep dreaming of our future
But it’ll be always a dream because of you

If you go now,
Will I become a stranger to you?

I wish I can say we don’t need to be separated
Cause you do need me, you do have me

I’m getting used to goodbyes
But I still cried while waving my hand

If our love was there from the start
We wouldn’t have to say goodbye

I couldn’t shoulder your destiny
But you can share your pain with me

Goodbyes are just too painful
No matter how many times it is

I still can’t say goodbye to you
So I pretend this is just a game

It’s a game of deceiving myself,
Pretending “I’ll meet you again one day”

I can’t get used to goodbyes
My tears come out even before I wave my hand

Our sadness gets darker and darker
Even when the morning comes

Instead of saying that we part because we gave up on each other
I wish I can say this goodbye as “fate”

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This Poems Story

This is a story of someone who cannot say goodbye to his/her loved one. But eventually. she/he is able to let go