I Wish I Knew Why

I wish I knew why, I was so ignored,
Every time I would speak, eyes looked at the floor.
I didn't think much, mom was in a rough state,
Blaming it all on her neglect and mistakes.
It was so hard to see her sob, wail, and cry,
And I still asked myself, "I wish I knew why."
I got to school, hoping the ignorance ends,
But it happened again when I spoke to my friends.
I was so transparent, as clear as the sky,
And I still asked myself, "I wish I knew why."
When school had finished, I walked home alone,
But when I entered the door, my home wasn't home.
Mom dressed all in black, like a dark, dismal bride,
And I still asked myself, "I wish I knew why."
At the funeral home I saw family and friends,
But the the unawareness and remiss never came to an end.
My mom cried so loud over the soul whom had died,
And I still asked myself, "I wish I knew why."
It was my turn to see why everyone grieved,
But what my eyes saw, I couldn't believe.
My heart slowed it's pace, so struck with surprise.
Yet I didn't ask myself, "I wish I knew why."
The question had dwindled, as it was blatant to see,
The soul in the coffin, looked exactly like me.

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This Poems Story

I've been writing since I was just a little girl. I would write things varying from short stories to poetry. Writing is certainly a passion of mine and I wish to pursue it as a career one day. My poem "I wish I knew why" was something I wrote out of pure boredom one day. Don't worry, my writings do not reflect my home life or any personal experiences, they're frankly just written to give my audiences all sorts of emotional joyrides. My writing style is certainly "dark" but I feel writing in this type of style is more intriguing and daring. Seeing my work featured in a book is just surreal. My experience comes to show that with creativity, a fearless imagination and perserverance, any dream is bound to come true.