I wish I never felt it

I figured since the day we first met
This would certainly be a bumpy ride
That kind of magnetism, I felt before
But I knew, with time, it would fade away
This journey could’ve been perfectly right,
But another, I would've certainly wronged.
Day after day, different trains of thoughts,
With these sensations, I keep bouncing around

If it would've been wrong, then why does it feel so right?
And why letting go of it is taking me so long?
Weeks after weeks, vigorously, I fought...
Against the odds of this infernal desire
They call it “love” for its few minutes of pleasure
Then why does it bring us an indefinite pain?
Months after months, catches and releases...
I knew one of us would have ended up pained

If the pain I'm feeling right now is what's needed
To forever fall out of these thoughtless feelings
Then years after years, I'll be a willing victim.
Because, trust me baby, I wish I never felt it.

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