I wish I was wrong

By Maggie   

Tell me I am wrong
Tell me that you are not that type of guy
The one that likes a girl who talks in circles
Finds the way her glossed lips move and speak out manipulation attractive
The type that lives for the girls who are too busy unzipping their clothes to ask you about the girl who's picture is in your wallet
Tell me that you are better than that
I fell for you
For your loving gaze, your smooth muscles
Everything I have ever wanted wrapped up into one package
I hand over my teeth as a token of trust and you say I looked better with them in
I pick out clothes that are your favorite color just for you to turn around and tell me that you don't have one
I am always jumping through the wrong hoops
Taking the wrong roads that lead me back to the beginning of the game board
I am so tired of existing for other people
I am so tired of existing for you
I will never be the girl you want me to be
I am cold and naked laying there waiting for you to love me
Waiting to be more than just an object
But as the lights turn off
And the bed shifts away leaning you away from me
I come to realize
I have never been more right

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This Poems Story

A story about one of the first times I realized a guy would never be coming back for me