I wish it hadn’t happened

Here I am, in the mixed state of heart and mind
Thinking how weird it is see myself, an introspection
Something which makes me shiver, my hands tremble
Pen slipping out of hand, expressing it's aversion
Turning back ,losing the strength to face it more
My heart racing faster than winds which pushes me down
Alas! I'm already fallen, both in love and pain
The rockiness in my thoughts, saddening me
I'm running out of words as my mind is filled
It's currently deprived of ability to think
My pencil stopped abruptly in the middle of the page
Unable to erase the past nor write the future
I'm afraid if we can ever reconcile our friendship
As for how much I've messed up, it feels impossible
Maybe, I was the one who was wrong, misunderstood
And I'm the one who fell and kept fallen till now
I wish this was just a dream, which could fly away
I wish this was just a thought, which will fade away
We were so good together, with so much warmth and care
Maybe not with love, I wish it hadn't happened...

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