I Witnessed Her Depart with the Coming Tide

I witnessed her depart with the coming tide
Her eyes were closed and her lips moved in silence
The grandeur of her soul felt a rush
The purity of her heart a shush
She looked right through me with a smile
I felt as though I had known her a small while
And overcome by the festering burn of loss
Her hand being the only warmth I sought
She looked forward and walked toward the sand
I as the child blown by the wind
Bent by the stronger will
The lenient sorrow of tomorrow
The numb moment that comes from a skiff
Beckoned by the shadow of inner want
Her hand slowly slipped from mine
Upon my palm I feel it still
Her light footsteps crossed the land and water line
Her clothes billowed around
The feet which never touched the ocean’s ground
A wave appeared as I had feared
The last I saw of her were eyes
Full of love and remorseful goodbyes
Time is but a substance none can lend
We promised we would be until the end
None can say she once ever lied
I witnessed her depart with the coming tide

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