I woke up this morning

I woke up this morning and all I could think about are thoughts of committing suicide, suicide on my mind from all the stress the agony the hurt from the struggles that we go through confused not knowing what to do sometimes I wonder I wonder why why I feel this way I know this is just a test tears falling from my eyes so I look up to the sky I know god is looking down on me telling me not to give up telling me to keep my head up telling me not to cry but close to giving up not wanting to live anymore but I have to keep telling myself it's not my time yet God has something in store for me I don't know what it is yet the pain I feel inside is one the worst pains I've ever felt before I wouldn't want anyone to go through this it's the worst pain that someone can ever go through it feels like I'm suffocating I can't breathe I can't think my thoughts are racing I ask myself when is it going to end what more can I go through how much more pain can I endure I feel like I'm almost at the edge now I hear a voice in my head telling me to jump then I begin to pray then I hear another little voice telling me it's not worth it you have so much to live for the angel wipes my tears so I turn around and I decide to stay,stay strong I lift my head up keep my faith and so then I decide to turn around and walk away!

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The poem that I wrote I can really relate to I go through this almost everyday