I Wonder

I thought of you today an wondered what it would be that u might say.
Would you tell me that you love me an miss me everyday.
Would you tell me how proud you are of the person I've become.
Would you stay an chat awhile, say I love you this much
as you stretch your arms out a mile.
Would you say that you've missed the times we used to share.
Would you wrap your arms around me an say i'll never let go
if only this could be so.
Would your gentle hands wipe away my tears.
Would you laugh an tell me to face my fears.
Would you start to tell me a story like the good ole day's
while I sit there mesmerized an amazed.
Would you tell me how happy you are , how beautiful heaven is.
Would you say that the sickness is gone ,
tell me about how the angels sing heavenly songs.
Would you say if you could stay you would if only you could.
I thought of you today an wondered what you might say.
Would you hold me close so I could tell you
I miss your hugs the most.
Would you tell me that your job on earth is done,
now its time for you to spend eternity in heaven as gods son?
Would you look at me with one last glance an turn to me an say
I'll be watching over you from my home above,
sending you all my love.
Will I shed tear as I watch spread your wings an fly away.
I thought of you today and wondered
if I saw you again would it happen this way.

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