I Wonder

I Wonder

I wonder about you ofter,
Usually when I least expect it.
When the sun isn't awake yet and
I can still count on every star to
Help wish for that perfect dream.

I wonder often what you're thinking
When you're laying all alone?
Do your thoughts reach out for mine
In the middle of the night?
If you can see me in your future
When you close your eyes?

I wonder about you often when my
Eyes have finally closed.
When my world can expand as far as
The clouds and the heavens.
Where the love and life, between a
Man and a woman can exist as it should.

My daily thoughts are spent Wondering
About YOU!
Your Smile...
Your Smell...
Your taste...
Your touch!
I Wonder if you're Wondering the same
Thing about me when your mind Wanders,
I Wonder?

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