I wonder in myself

Who am I? I find myself asking that question over and over in my head. Am I the person everyone knows me to be. Can they see inside of me. Have I perfected my image to were others can say, Hey I want to be close to her, feel her vibe multiply, or do I keep a hidden shield around myself to keep others wondering.
I have grown into myself, dealing with conflicts of interest in my head. Do I wish to share this, this hidden depth of compassion that overtakes my soul from within. I can feel it now expanding from my full self. My light has found a place to keep lite even when darkness penetrates.
Can I relate to anyone? Is my soul so far lost in wonder that no one can see this hidden jewel, that wants to burst out and grow onto the world around.
Misunderstood I have always been. Misunderstood I have always had to explain but the word inside itself keeps everyone at bay. I ask this from myself, push forward, keep pushing.
This is who I am. I am deep within, I am deep without. My heart and my head as one. I see reason and reason is why I give it my all. I am one but I am many. To doubt any part of me would dwindle the very light inside of me. I am complete but incomplete. I am day and night. I am comfortable being imperfect and with that I am perfect.

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