Some things you can change, and some, why would you? What in the world makes people do what they do? There are answers that slap you across your face, and important questions vanish without a trace. Some hang on so tight, they just can't let go, no matter how much their told no. Why do we stick with something that doesn't last?, When we enjoy something, why go so fast? When we do something that's bad for us, why do we crave it even more?, doing the same thing although we didn't like it before. Why can't we stop when we know it's wrong, or stay at a place where you truly belong. Why does someone else's pain hurt more than your own, why does the unknown have to be something you must know? What hardens ones heart to the point of no return, what protects oneself from getting burned?. What does it take for someone to truly understand, that sometimes you just have to make a stand. Why do some want to change others to suit themselves, when their past is finally collecting dust on the shelf? Why, why, why....

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