I Wonder

How can I make this better,
I truly am trying what else can do done,
Silent tears are for what or heavily sobbing,
I shed my tears for you

What do they do Swollen eyes a puffy face,
Rain tears,
Small arms can only hold so much,
Seems at this age my time is so short,
Love follows me I know it's true,

It's funny if I can't see what I want to write,
The salty water blurs with a burn,
I already know the keys that my fingers touch
Good thing it's just not babbling of spoken words

The words that come regardless no matter what is needed or can see
My God who needs eyes if the feelings are there to feel,
My words come without vision only through a touch how strange is that
My love is without a view only a touch and feel,

What has this meant today it has no light,
What if the next day has no person has no day,
What if the snow just turns into rain

Rain and tears is there a difference they fall the same,
So many questions what if there's nothing left?
Lord help with what I need I don't want to get stuck in this mud,
If lost in a desert world without a person without any rain tears
I would only think of one person to wish I had a chance to kiss
I wonder do I cross your mind?

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