I Won't

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I won't go back to you

I won't return to your pain

I won't go back to your thieving lies
To your wilderness of blackened skies
Where none but the beautiful ever dies
Where fake girls have fake men 'twixt their thighs
Where clawing and biting bring tears to my eyes
Where gods and monsters heed evil ones' cries
Where fiction, flatulence are the best of your 'try's
Why should I?

Why should I give you a word that I write
When you'll steal it, twist it, burn to cinders, bright
Heed nothing, for all I create that is light?
And you, who believe your consoling is right
While you stay and make b'lieve every damned night
(You're not dif'rent people; it's fine; it's alright)
Convincing yourselves that you've helped in my fight
While you stay and nourish that dead, grotesque blight
You deny why I'm hurt, think you've so much more might

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