I Wont Be Scared Anymore

I wont be scared anymore
Every time I would sing and pluck a cord
You went ahead and poured
I wondered what you'd think
If you saw my lifeless corpse
I remember that one day you called me a whore
While you snore I thought about saying goodbye
I try to fly as I get high

I wont be scared anymore
you where the first guy to break my heart in two
The first guy to make my skin black and blue
I noticed your problem and how much money you blew
You said you'd try to quit but your definition
On getting better is skewed
Every time you drank you got upset like you
Where always in a mood
You touched my as like it was a clue

I wont be afraid anymore
you tried to rape me like I was a package
you could simply take
I could feel my heart break
Even after almost two years I still flinch in fear
I still have fears but you cant scare me anymore
I wont be afraid anymore

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