I wont lie

I got something that I need to vent.
Its been on my mind, it bothers me all the time.
Sometimes you get a certain felling.
That feeling you know where things get worse.
I think people have taken this too far.
It was just a crush nothing more.
Now it seems like you like me.
I'm stepping on land mines to come out alive.

I don't know whats going on,
This is what I wanted but it doesn't seem right.
I don't believe we have a chance,
too many different things to surviving this romance.
Maybe if I could lay down some rules,
you could enjoy me and I you.

There's nothing wrong with casual.
Don't lie you want me bad.
You know I wanted you back.
I wont lie in the worst ways.
Is there someway we can stay friends.
I won't lie it doesn't feel right.

I don't want to get into to much detail,
but maybe this is because of all the people that did me wrong.
Maybe the differences are too extreme,
There no way to build a bridge between.
Maybe its because I like my freedom,
and I'm just scared I will give that away.
Things were going so damn good,
Nothing can fill this void like you could.

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