I Write Because…

I write. Sometimes for no reason at all. Sometimes
I write just to see my handwriting. I like to
admire the curves, dips and summits in the letters
I write, how they connect and flow together so seamlessly.
I love watching the tip of my pen dancing across my
paper in a beauty that not everyone can see.
I adore the random tilts that lead this way and that
and seeing my thoughts outside of my mind. I love
the smell of my pen and the brightness of fresh, white paper.
I love leaving my feelings, exactly as they are,
on something people can find and be touched by later.
There's a world hidden in words. So many nooks, corners,
and bends to explore. So many beautiful people to meet and
wonderful places to lose yourself in. Writing is where
you can be yourself without fear of judgement. Words
are expression, adventure, and truth that are within
reach of even the lonliest souls that dwell in our otherwise
bland world.

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